Saturday, 10 October 2009

Beetroot Chutney recipe.

Here is my recipe for Beetroot Chutney.

2lbs cooked Beetroot.
1lb onions.
1lb cooking apples.
1 pint distilled malt vinegar.
2 level teaspoons ground ginger.
1/2 level teaspoon salt.
8ozs sugar.
8ozs raisins (optional)
Cook beetroot put to one side to cool.
Chop apples and onions and put in a pan with other ingredients bring to boil, simmer until onions and apples are soft, add the chopped beetroot and cook til it looks like chutney.
Simple! and delicious with cheese and crackers!

Harvest Beetroot 10th October

We harvested the beetroot this weekend, some are really huge.

and some are small..we have already made some beetroot chutney.
Pictures in next post.

Harvest carrots 10th October

We pulled up a few carrots today, some are quite good.

Some not so good, these will be on the dinner plate tonight!