Friday, 12 June 2009

Cat Repeller does not deter birds... proof.

This short 29 second video shows my birds are not frightened off by the Cat Repeller!
and NO cat in sight now yippee!! The ginger cat used to sit and wait for my sparrows!


onlyme said...

What a lovely garden you have. I found your blog via your comment on the cat repeller on Amazon. My lawn was always great to sit out on in summer months but now that my two immediate neighbours have 3 cats between them it's like watching out for landmines because there is poo everywhere and the smell is revolting so I hope the cat repeller works for me too!

Di said...

Thanks for your comment 'onlyme', I agree about the smell, and its even worse when you are weeding and come across the stuff in your flower beds!
Its the birds that I was really annoyed about though we used to have loads of sparrows but none now. I hope the repeller works great for you let me know, I read your blog but found nowhere to post a comment, it is very interesting reading, especially the 'African guy'.

Anonymous said...

I am going to get one of these we have ten yes ten cats use our garden as a loo, wasnt a prob until our little jack russel died he shall we say really enjoyed detering cats. thanks for putting up both vids of the repelant.