Monday, 22 June 2009

Baby Pumpkin June 22nd

We have a baby pumpkin! he is so cute.

I just love him already!!

Cabbage close-up picture

Cabbage are very young yet just a picture
to see how they come on over the next few months.

I put some nasturtium flowers by the frame
then the cabbage white butterfly will lay her
eggs on those and not my cabbage!

There is the tomato plant in the middle struggling to survive with its curly leaves!

Beetroot close-up picture

I got a fab piccy of the beets today.

nearly ready!!

Potatoes in June

Can't believe how well the spuds are doing!
From this on 19th April when we started the new bed....

to this when we planted them out...

then 8 weeks later today...

they are now flowering well and should be ready very soon.
New potatoes with salad for tea!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Video of Baby Sparrows last year.

This is what we had last year before that cat came along!
This baby sparrow was having a great time,
he kept saying "where are you all ? come on this is fab.",
eventually dad comes along just to make sure he is OK, then everyone joins in.
Video is 1min.23secs.

Pond on 19th June

Well I thought it time to clear the pond, you can't even see the water but it is home to lots of Tadpoles and Frogs. The Iris plants have almost taken over.

I took most of it out now it has finished flowering,frogs were jumping about all over the place.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Yellow Garden in June

Well its not yellow yet but these Sunflowers and a mixture of seeds will be yellow very soon.

Its just a boring old border under our sitting room window,
but I hope to change that, for the summer anyway!

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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Beetroot in June

I just can't believe how much our Beetroot has grown in 2 weeks.
From this on 23rd May... this on 11th June...

They are OK to pick when they are about the size of a golf ball.

Sweet Pea in a hanging basket

Flowering Sweet Peas can look great if placed in a hanging basket, they grow up also as well as hang down over the side, try it!
This photo was on 11th June.

I will take another photo next month when it looks at its best.

Flower wall baskets.17th June

I planted up some wall baskets using liner from an old compost bag,
they are coming on nicely now.

The plants were bought at B&Q for 3 trays for £10, (trays of 24).
I put in some Verbena, Lobelia, and one Geranium.

Cucumber plant.

I went into the garden centre for some bird food and bought a cucumber plant too!
It looked so sad in this tiny little pot I just had to have it.

I transferred it to a bigger pot ...

now hoping it will stay in the greenhouse to grow on into lots of juicy cucumbers!

This is one I shall be updating monthly.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Great Spotted Woodpecker

This is my friend 'Woody', he visits our garden every day, usually very early in the morning.

This photo is for Kim, as I enjoyed seeing your Woodpecker.

Onions 14th June

The onions are coming on nicely now, we planted the bulbs back in march.

and here they are in June.. below..

I hope they are going to start 'bulbing out' a bit now.

Radish ready June 14th.

The Radish are ready for lifting.

Yummy... yummy...

Dahlia is in bud.

Yes, the Dahlias are budding! chuffed to bits I am.

I wonder what colour they will be.

Suttons Seeds and Plants

Dead Slug

I have delight in showing a Dead Slug!, this time hubby said
I could photograph it before he put it in the bin.
It was heading towards my newly planted Sunflowers, but ate the pellets instead.
No brains you see!

Horrible thing it is too.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Japanese Lantern Plant

Here is my Japanese Lantern plant in full bloom now.
The delicate white flowers turn to a fabulous lantern shaped seed in red and orange in the autumn. Its a perennial that spreads so rapidly I have contained it in this pot for 3 years now, time to get a bigger pot!

Thinning out the Herbs

I started thinning out the herbs yesterday
as they are getting crowded in the pots now.
First was the Basil....

next came the Dill...
but they have grown a little too much and are wilting badly.

Here is a 'before picture'..(below)

I'll do the others another day.

My Lettuce lunch!

Yesterday I had a healthy lettuce buttie, thought I must photograph this!!

I photograph everything!! but my hubby removed a big fat slug this morning before I got there with the camera, it wasn't on the lettuce but trying to crawl over the egg shells by my new tomato plant,it had eaten some pellets and died.

Cat Repeller does not deter birds... proof.

This short 29 second video shows my birds are not frightened off by the Cat Repeller!
and NO cat in sight now yippee!! The ginger cat used to sit and wait for my sparrows!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cat Repeller works!!!

Hey, we bought the Cat Repeller from amazon ( see "I recommend" on the right) . 'Ginger' was sitting under those trees waiting for my birds to come to my 'birdie tree'. I actually saw him climb that tree by the water bath on Sunday! never again..
Look what happened when we set it up!
Please press play...

He has gone back to his own garden next door!!
I will try and get more shots better than this if I can, perhaps in the back garden when he tries to dig up our soil to use as a loo. Apart from that we now have NO Sparrows in our garden either.

Curly leaf on Tomatoes

Well our tomato plants have taken a turn for the worse since last week, they have now got curly leaves. I looked up on the internet for the reason and its because they have been over-watered.
Actually it is probably as I suspected the trough they are in is too small.
So we moved them all.
These are the plants on 11th May, really healthy looking.

...and on 10th June 1 month later....

Sad they are looking rather unwell... we will be keeping a sharp eye on them now they are in 'hospital'.

We put one of them in the frame to keep the Cabbage and Beetroot company!

Friday, 5 June 2009

New frame for cabbage 2nd June.

Well we have to build a new frame now for some cabbage plants I bought, just couldn't resist them reduced from £1-99 to 89p for 8 plants at B&Q.

I expect we ( hubby) will be digging up the whole garden soon!
still it keeps him fit at 65yrs old!

Voila! in about 3 hrs as I watched...then planted the cabbage 4th June..

Lettuce ready for eating!

We have been picking lettuce for over a week now,
they are getting quite good hearts.

Lovely salads...

and below are the ones that were transplanted from trays..
19th April..

11th May below..rather straggly

but turned out really well 2nd June below..

see the onions and beetroot next to them? that is for another post!

Tomatoes in June

The tomatoes are now flowering and are too large for the greenhouse.
On 19th April they were still in the greenhouse...

and on 2nd June... they are on the back lawn, you can see the pumpkin in the background.

I'm just a little worried they might be growing
too big for the trough I put them in but better not move them now.

Potatoes now coming on really well.

There is no stopping the spuds now,
they have come on extremely well this last month.
Planted 11th April...

on 11th May below...

and on 30th May below...

Hubby keeps building them up at the sides to make a sort of mound.