Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My Rabbit tree

This little tree is about 10 years old, I started shaping him into a rabbit!!
What do you think?

And my dinosaur hedge...below.

Foxgloves repotted.

Just to show you that in a week of potting on the Foxgloves they have grown to twice the size.

They were in the paper pots on the left (home-made).

Front flower border.

Before and after sort of.

Now its ready for some sunflower seeds!

Make trees into hedge.

This is how our next door neighbours trees had grown because of neglect.
Notice the bench and shed? now look further down....

We asked and asked to get them cut down.
That is my husband working on our side.September 2007, above..
Result 2 years later!

April 2009, we get the sun in our garden once again!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Mixed Lettuce April

Here is an unusual vessel to grow lettuce in, it shows you that with a bit of imagination anything goes, these should be ready to harvest in about 3 weeks. You pick the leaves and they re-grow.

Onions in April

It's a month since I planted some onion sets, they are starting to show signs of life now with little green sprouts.

We have to keep them covered because of next doors cat, he likes to use it as a toilet.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Foxglove ( Digitalis) in April

I transplanted some Foxgloves which I had in seed boxes over the winter, first to some home made pots then on to bigger ones as you can see!

Find out about the Foxglove here>>>

Cos Lettuce and Spring Onions in cold frame

I planted cos lettuce in a cold frame, I water the seedlings with a small hand spray to stop flattening them. There are also spring onions in there too

Planting Potatoes

We dug up the lawn yesterday and planted some potatoes.

They should be spaced about 1 foot apart with sprouts facing up, they will soon start popping through the soil.
We had to put netting over the top because we have cats in the neighbourhood who think our garden makes a good toilet!

Runner Beans in April

Runner Beans are going full steam ahead now, they took 4-5 weeks to come through.

Lettuce, Beetroot, in April

The lettuce below I planted the seeds 1 to 3 in each space and thinned them out to just 1 the strongest, they are coming on really well now.

Beetroot below..

Beetroot I'm hoping to grow in this large tray, I've thinned them out to 2inches apart and will harvest them as babies.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Garden in 2008

After viewing a few gardening blogs I thought it a good time of the year to create my own as they are so interesting to follow. How the garden changes with time throughout the seasons.
I'll start off with a picture of how it was last year.
July 2008 the front.

March 2008 the back.

A lot of work was done over the winter, it looks slightly different now, 12 months on.
Here are some seeds planted in March 2009.
Next post shows pictures of how they are getting on.