Sunday, 17 May 2009

Free Seeds giveaway.

Hey UK!!!! Toby Carvery is on a crusade to get Britain top of the veggie-tables so they're giving away a free packet of seeds to every household who joins our healthy green scheme.
Having learned that nearly 70% of us don’t get our 5-a-day portions of fruit and veg, Toby Carvery want to help every family in Britain grow their own.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Lettuce 15th May

The lettuce are doing really well in 14 days, from this: this..

It says on the packet to thin out to 6 inches when they get bigger,
nearly time eh?..The spring onions are coming on nicely too.

Runner Beans eaten by bugs!

Well it is so disappointing, my runner beans have only been outside for 4 days and already they are being eaten by bugs.

I have put some broken egg shells round the base as they stop the slugs from getting near them.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Buddleia, ( Butterfly Bush) in May.

I wanted a butterfly bush this year and asked my neighbour ( the one with the cat!) if I could have a cutting from his tree well next day he came along with a plant he had dug up from some spare ground . It has survived winter and is now growing strong.
They attract fabulous English Butterflies.

The Peacock butterfly and The Red Admiral butterfly.
Hopefully I will be taking these pictures from my own butterfly tree this year!

Herbs planted 18th April now showing growth.

As they were on 18th April.

Herb 'Thyme' below 11th May now showing growth.

Herb 'Basil' below 11th May now showing growth.

Herb 'Dill' below 11th May now also showing growth.

I bought a Pumpkin Plant

Oh dear me, when I visited the garden centre I went a bought a pumpkin plant, now it says on the label that it needs about 10 square feet to grow in!!!
Where am I going to put it is the next question?

I also bought a Sweet Pepper plant which can live quite
happily in the pot I've put it in.

Planted on 11th May to stay indoors.

Runner Beans planted out May

Still in greenhouse on 19th April.

Outdoors in daytime 1st May.

Planted outside to grow on 11th May
I'm hopefully going to train them up the stakes!

Potatoes now showing!

We planted the potatoes on 20th April as video shows below.

Please press play!
It has taken only 3 weeks for them to show through the soil.
Pity about the netting though, but essential because of our neighbours cats,
anyone know of a good cat deterrent?

Friday, 1 May 2009

Wyevale Gardening Club. UK

Wyevale Garden Centres (UK)..
Your FREE 'Gardening Club' membership benefits include:
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Tomato plants, 1st May.

We bought 4 tomato plants on 19th April, photo below...

In 10 days they have grown stronger.
I was going to buy a grow-bag but then thought this long container would be just as good!

Lettuce 1st May 2009

The lettuce in the coldframe have now been thinned out to 3 inches apart and are coming on really well. From this on 19th April ........
to this.. below on 1st May

There are some spring onions in there too, we shut the lid at night to keep out the cold, after all it is a coldframe!

Dead head the Daffodils

Well I just went outside for a coffee in the sunshine and as usual had to do something, so ended up dead heading the daffodils.

It is very important to take off the dead heads at this time then all the energy of the plant is redirected back into the bulb for next years flowers!