Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sedum Autumn Joy (Autumn Stonecrop)

Could anyone please tell me the name of this plant?
Thanks to Susan for naming this plant for me.

It has tiny little flowers that are just coming out now in September.

The leaves are very rubbery.

I would be grateful for your help thanks.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Back Garden Panorama Sept 2009

I took two pictures of our back garden from the bedroom window
and then I stitched them together with SERIF. This is the result.

There is really a lot more space but it can't be seen.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Japanese Lantern Plant 7th Sept.

The lanterns have now all turned orange.

a closer look....

even closer!

I put then in a glass dish, they are now for decoration!

Our front garden, a panorama Sept 2009

I took 2 pictures of our garden from the
bedroom window and stitched them together
with SERIF.
The tree in the centre is my 'birdie' tree,
where I hang all the feeders in winter.

Tomorrow I hope to put on a picture of the back garden.
image: PhotoPlus X3 from Serif

Greenfinch eating Sunflower seeds.

Lovely, a greenfinch decided our garden was good for sunflower seeds yesterday, I rushed for my camera thinking he would have flown away but he had stayed and taken nearly all of them!

See how he blends in perfectly with the trees, makes it hard to see him.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Runner beans 5th September

The runner beans are still going strong even though the leaves are looking a bit yellow. We have had loads and loads of meals from them, just keep picking and they keep growing more!

The canes we had them growing up were too short
so put some string across and trained them to grow along it.

New shed finished 4th Sept.

Hubby (Ted) has finished his latest project of building a 'lean-to' onto the sheds. The result is quite good I think. As usual my 'before' and 'after' pictures coming next.

A great little extra bit of space now for the bikes and lawn mower,
and more wood to keep dry for the next project!

This was built entirely from bits of wood from skips,
and pieces of corrugated iron lying around.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Caterpillars eaten Nasturtium leaves!

Ah well, our garden is for wild life I keep saying, the caterpillars have now eaten all the Nasturtium leaves and flowers. The white cabbage fly butterfly was very busy last month laying eggs on them, now this is the outcome!From this on 12th July...but it did grow much bigger...

to this on 1st September!

and this is the culprit...

naughty...naughty !!!

New shed half built...2nd Sept.

Our new 'lean-to' shed is now half built with the
help of lots of spare wood our son brought home from waste skips.

Its rather like a patch work quilt with all the smaller bits filling the gaps.

We will soon be able to put the bikes
and lawn mower in there to give us more room in the other two sheds.