Friday, 10 July 2009

Baby Woodpecker visits my garden.

He is only a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker, you can tell that because he has a red crown, the adult male has a red mark not a crown. The female has neither.
Watch the video...please press play >>>>>

Press play >>>> Watch him in action!

Here is his Dad!!!

..and his Mum!

I just love it now they are bringing their family along too! ...must buy some more nuts now.


Stephanie said...

Nice video and photos of this Woodpecker family ;-) Thanks so much for posting them. I enjoyed the video.

Patsi said...

That is one handsome woodpecker !
You got some really good pics.

Di said...

Thanks for your comments, baby woody comes round every day now I have bought more nuts, he stays for ages and really tucks in, he is not as shy as mum or dad. Looking forward to seeing him grow up.... Di..